Advantages Of DNZ Car Rental As A Kuala Kedah Car Rental Service Provider


Do I have to pay for my rental car in advance?

We have several options for paying for your rental car. You can see which one is best for you. Book now, pay now this option allows you to book your rental car and prepay when you book. You need a credit card to prepay and can use rewards points to cover all or part of the booking costs. While some rental car companies may allow you to pay by debit card, drivers still need to present a valid credit card as a deposit upon pick-up. Book now, pay later this option allows you to book a rental car without paying in advance. When you arrive at the pick-up location, ask the driver to present a valid credit card to pay the full cost. Car rental companies will also hold your credit card with the amount of the rental car deposit.



What do I need to know when renting a car?

When picking up your rental car, check if there are any scratches or chemicals on the vehicle. Check the car carefully, make sure you take note of potential damage and inform the vendor before you leave.


Where can I find a rental car in Kuala Kedah?

Car rental companies can usually be found at airports and various locations in the city center.


Can I rent a car with a debit card in Kuala Kedah?

It depends on the company you plan to choose to rent a car from. For reservations Book now, pay now, you will see the debit / credit card received on the checkout page. For reservations Book now, pay later, debit / credit cards vary by car rental company. It is advisable to call them in advance to make sure they receive your card.


Can I book car rental insurance with car rental in Kuala Kedah?

Yes. You can add Violation Damage Protection to your rental car during check-out, or after you book. Just select the insurance link on your rental car itinerary and follow the instructions given. This insurance link is available up to 24 hours before the scheduled car pickup day.


Can I rent a car for a month or more in Kuala Kedah?

Yes, of course you can. Simply enter your selection in our search field and we will show you our best long term car rental deals in Kuala Kedah. All you have to do is by browsing the kereta sewa kuala kedah official website and see all the included packages advertised. Also you can contact the crews of the car rental and ask them.